Looking For A New Apartment? Find The Right One With These Tips

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Looking For A New Apartment? Find The Right One With These Tips

8 May 2016
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Looking for an apartment can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to find one that fits your budget, but it also has to be in a suitable location and you want to ensure that the landlord is a good one. It can be a challenge to find the right place, but if you use the following pointers during your search, you can be a bit more confident that you'll find a great apartment.

Bring Measuring Tape

In your excitement over finding a place that's attractive and in a good location, you might be ready to move in. However, you've got to remember that you'll be moving your furniture and other items into the place. It wouldn't be a good idea to show up at your new apartment with your couch, only to realize that it won't fit through the front door. You might be fine with the small size of the bedroom in the apartment, until you barely have room to walk around once your bed is inside the room.

To avoid those kinds of problems, measure the rooms of your current place and then bring measuring tape with you to every apartment you look at. You'll have an idea of whether your things will fit comfortably. While you might not want to turn down the perfect apartment because of measurements, knowing what will fit before you move in can help you make some decisions about what you can bring and what items you may have to sell.

Ask Potential Landlords About Making Changes

One of the things that will make an apartment perfect for you is the ability to add something of yourself to the place. You might want to paint the apartment ceilings and walls in bright colors or replace the ceiling fan over the kitchen table, for instance. Finding a landlord who is willing to allow you to make these changes might make one apartment more attractive than the others, because many landlords don't allow changes to the apartment itself.

If you use a full service real estate agency, you might even be able to have their legal team draw up an agreement between you and the landlord about what changes you're allowed to make during the time you live in the apartment.

Finding the right apartment will take some time, but with the ideas above, you can choose the best one for you. Ask your real estate agent for more ideas that can help you locate a suitable new place.