Want To Move Into An Apartment While Living With A Disability? 3 Tips For Getting Started

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Want To Move Into An Apartment While Living With A Disability? 3 Tips For Getting Started

29 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Disabilities that do not severely impact intellect typically allow people to do most of what an individual who does not have any kind of disability is capable of doing, but maybe with a limitation or two. If you are a young adult with a disability who wants to move out of your parents' house, the main problem that you may run into is finding a job that provides you with enough income to support yourself. Before you start looking at apartments for rent in a certain city, you should look at what each city can do for you.

Work or Education 

Some cities go above and beyond to make sure their disabled residents are able to have plenty of opportunities to find a job somewhere they would like to work and can make consistent money. Although the final outcome will depend on what kind of disability you have, you will benefit from making it a top priority to live in such a city as you will always have the ability to get help with finding a job. If you want to further your education, that is also something these disability programs can help you accomplish.

Rental Assistance

A great goal to have is to be able to fully support yourself with the money that you make from your job. But, if this is not something that you can realistically accomplish, you should look at programs that can provide rental assistance. The Public Housing Program and State Housing Finance Agencies are both able to give help to those with disabilities, so you should look for these offerings where you want to live.

Comfortable Living

It is not always easy to live with a disability. If you have trouble getting around, but you are still able to drive, you should prioritize apartments that have disabled parking spots or assigned parking. This offering will keep you from having to hope that you find a parking spot that does not require much walking. Another thing that you may want to look into is having a service animal for help and companionship. Sometimes it is a lack of funds that can keep you from adopting a cat or dog, but there are programs out there that are designed specifically to help those with disabilities in making this a reality. If you can find one in the city you want to live, you will make it easier for yourself to live happily and comfortably.

Paying attention to what a city has to offer regarding your disability can play a huge role in your ability to find an apartment, a reliable job, and an opportunity to have your own service animal.