Setting Up an Open House: 3 Tips to Make Your House Stand Out on Rainy Days

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Setting Up an Open House: 3 Tips to Make Your House Stand Out on Rainy Days

26 September 2016
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Hosting an open house can be a great way to promote the sale of your house and is highly recommended by most realtors. Most home buyers will visit 3 to 5 houses a day when they are on the market for a home, and will be more likely to make an offer on the house that stands out the most to them. If you've looked at the weather forecast and already know that you'll be hosting your open house on a rainy day, here are three tips you should consider implementing.

Buy Plenty of Floor Mats

When hosting an open house, you are essentially opening your home to the public. You have no idea how many people may visit although the more that visit, the merrier, as there's a higher likelihood that you'll meet an interested buyer. Still, if you're expecting to see quite a bit of traffic, you should quickly stop by your local market to pick up some floor mats that can be laid down at the entrances of all main doors. Lay several floor mats at the front door and several at the backdoor if you have a yard or garden.

You don't want your guests to get mud and dirt on the carpets and flooring throughout your house. In addition, the floor mats will also reduce the amount of rainwater that may find its way into your house. In short, it's an inexpensive investment that will make cleaning up the open house a lot easier in the future.

Turn on All the Lights

On a bright, sunny day, you can ideally rely on natural lighting to bring some warmth and brightness into your home; however, if you're going to be hosting your open house on a rainy day, you can expect the cloudy skies and rainy weather to give your house a bit of a gloomy feel. If the potential buyers have been visiting open houses for several days in a row, houses that they may have visited on sunny days may stand out more, as these visits may seem more cheery and positive.

With that said, don't hesitate to turn on all of the lights in your home when you are hosting an open house on a rainy day. You can no longer rely on natural lighting to bring out the beauty and potential of your property. You'll want to also look at the type of light bulbs that you are using. Make sure you choose light bulbs that emit a warm light or soft white glow, as this color of lighting will make your house appear much warmer, comfortable and inviting.

Offer Warm Drinks and Snacks to Your Guests

Set up your open house in a way that potential buyers will be able to envision a life in your home. Make your place seem as inviting and comfortable as possible in order to make an impact. While snacks and treats have always been known to make your home feel much more inviting, the type of snacks that you choose can also play a huge part.

When hosting an open house on cold, rainy days, choose to offer warm snacks rather than cold treats. For example, you might want to offer your guests some hot chocolate or coffee rather than iced tea. The warm, fuzzy feeling that potential buyers get when touring your house can make a positive impact on how they feel about your place.

Taking the time to prepare for and set up a successful open house can really help make your house stand out from the competition and draw in more buyers. After a successful open house, your realtor might get a lot more offers. For more information or assistance, contact resources like EXIT Lakes Realty Premier.