Essential Tips For Staging A Swimming Pool When Selling Your Home

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Essential Tips For Staging A Swimming Pool When Selling Your Home

17 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If your home has a swimming pool, you may be excited about the fact that this can add appeal and value to your house in the eyes of potential home buyers. While that may be true, real estate agents know that it can also be a hindrance. News reports have revealed that owning a swimming pool means maintenance costs, insurance costs, and hard work, so some home buyers may shy away from taking on such an investment.

When you are staging your home, it's important to showcase the swimming pool in the most appealing light to make buyers remember that it can be very much worth it. After all, you are selling home buyers on a lifestyle. When you help potential buyers envision themselves enjoying an upgrade in their lifestyle as residents of your home, you have a much better chance of selling your home. Follow these tips to most effectively stage the swimming pool for an open house or other showing of your home.

Tip #1: Water Works

The appearance of the water in your swimming pool matters a great deal. Many home owners completely neglect this aspect of preparing a pool, but that's a big mistake. If potential buyers see a swimming pool with dirty, grimy, or otherwise unappealing water, they will likely to start to think of all the work that will go into making a pool look good and be safe to swim in. Instead, you want to reveal all the joyful possibilities a swimming pool can bring into one's life. Do so by ensuring the water in your swimming pool is sparklingly clean and clear before you show it to anyone.

Tip #2: Paint the Pool, Deck and Areas Around the Pool

Make sure that the areas around the pool are freshly painted. In fact, you can spruce up your swimming pool itself with rubber-based pool paint that will rejuvenate even well-used swimming pools. The paint on areas around your swimming pool is sometimes easily worn down, so be sure to refresh the paint job on the outdoor area that surrounds your pool.

Tip #3: Accentuate Accessories

Staging a swimming pool also has a lot to do with how you accessorize the staging area. A future buyer of your home will want to see a scene that helps them imagine good times they can experience by and in the swimming pool. Put a couple of inflatable pool toys in the water. Include lounge chairs or other fun furniture by the pool. Put a small decorative table with margarita glasses in between the chairs, too. Set the scene for people to really enjoy the swimming pool.

Tip #4: Put Away All Maintenance Equipment

Remember that the last thing that you want to make home buyers consider is the inevitable work that does go into maintaining the swimming pool. Of course, it is common knowledge that they would have to do upkeep on the swimming pool, so you are not being deceptive in any way. It's just that there is no need to make them think of that when looking at your home. This means that you should store away all pool brushes, nets, and vacuum hoses far from sight.

Finally, follow these tips closely to help home buyers see how cool your pool truly is. In fact, when home buyers see how beautiful the pool is, they may put your home on the shortlist of favorites. It can be hard to settle for a home without a pool after they see how beautiful and fun your home with its aesthetically appealing swimming pool is. Contact a real estate agency in your area, such as Stacy Sells, for more ideas on staging your house.