Six Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

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Six Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

9 December 2016
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You wouldn't dream of leaving the doors to your home or business unlocked so that unauthorized "guests" can enter at will. But keys have a mysterious way of disappearing or ending up in the wrong hands. When this happens, you may be at risk of others entering your property without your knowledge. Be alert to times when you are most at risk and have your locks rekeyed to solve the problem.

Moving into a Newly-Built Home

Many homeowners overlook the fact that a host of people can have access to the keys to their new home while it is being built. Contractors often share keys with other contractors who need access to your home to complete part of the job. For example, if your construction crew subcontracts to electricians, plumbers, painters, or other service personnel, they may provide them a key for easy access to your home. In addition, if your home builders are working on several homes in the neighborhood, they may key the homes with a master key so there is no confusion over which keys go to which home. The master key may get duplicated or be shared with others, leaving your home at risk. Rekeying the locks before you move into a newly-build home guarantees you are the only one with access to your home.

Moving into a Pre-Owned Home

Even if the previous owners assure you that they have provided you with all the keys to the home, there is no way to tell who else may have a key. Keys may have been duplicated or shared with neighbors, friends, and family or may have been given to sitters and cleaners who have long since moved on. Assuming the existing locks are in good shape and meet your standard of quality, rekeying them will eliminate the risk of a surprise intruder entering your home while you are away.

Changing Personnel

Whether you simply change maid services for your home, or your office decides to use a different cleaning company, it is a good idea to rekey the locks to your home or business. This will prevent disgruntled employees from returning to rob or damage your home or business. While most ex-personnel wouldn't dream of returning, even if they have a spare key, if you parted ways on less than friendly terms, they may take this opportunity to retaliate.

Losing Your Keys

If your keys suddenly turn up missing, you probably misplaced them or dropped them while out and about, but that isn't always the case. Would-be burglars may have snatched them so they can return later and gain easy access to your home or business. Likewise, someone might stumble upon your set of keys and use them to enter your home or business. If you lose your keys and can't find them in a timely fashion, rekeying your locks may be the best solution.

Renting Personal or Business Property

If you rent an apartment or a commercial property you may want to rekey the locks before moving in or setting up your office. You will need the landlord's permission, of course, but many will allow you to rekey the locks at your expense as long as you provide them with a key. This prevents past tenants or business owners from gaining access to your apartment or office.

Terminating Relationships

Whether you have recently terminated a romantic relationship, asked a roommate to vacate the premises, or made a big split with your business partner, rekeying the locks can give you the peace of mind of knowing they will not return to harass you. If you are currently married, beware that rekeying the locks so your spouse cannot return may not be permitted, especially if you share ownership of the home.

Rekeying your locks puts you in control of who enters your home or business and keeps both you and your property safe. Talk with a commercial locksmith if you are in any of these situations and need to rekey your locks.