3 BIG Reasons Tiny Homes Make A Logical Choice For Senior Citizens

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3 BIG Reasons Tiny Homes Make A Logical Choice For Senior Citizens

5 June 2017
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As an aging adult, there are things that you will have no choice to start thinking about. You should be thinking about whether or not the current home you live in will be suitable for you as you grow older or whether you should think about moving into an assisted living facility. However, there is one option that may never cross your mind that is well worth the consideration: tiny house living. Even though moving into a tiny home is an idea that many aging individuals think of as something more for the younger generations, these tiny residences actually make a lot of sense for a senior citizen. Take a look at three big reasons why tiny houses make a logical choice for an older adult.

Small living quarters means you have less maintenance and upkeep to deal with.

The average size of a tiny home is around 500 square feet, and many are far smaller. Compared to a traditional house, this is quite compact. The smaller living space means less to maintain, clean, and upkeep in general. For example, you will have far less floor space to vacuum, sweep, or mop just to keep the place clean. Likewise, the smaller space will also mean maintenance costs would be cheaper, such as if you need to have the gutters cleaned or roof replaced.

Living in a tiny home is a cost-effective option better suited to retirement income.

When you are a senior citizen, you will likely start relying on things like monthly pension or retirement payments to pay your living expenses. This can be a drastic drop from your usual income, which means living in a regular-sized home may become unaffordable. Because tiny homes are so small, you will be spending less on things like heating and cooling, cleaning supplies, and maintenance. Therefore, you could easily still have your own home and not have to pay so much from month-to-month when you really cannot afford to do so.

Tiny homes are excellent for aging adults with mobility issues.

Because tiny homes are small and compact in size, the main living areas and all of the necessities are right within reach with few dividing walls between rooms. For example, many tiny homes have a combination kitchen, dining area, and living room. This makes tiny homes ideal for senior citizens who have mobility issues or cannot get around as well as they once did. Not only will they not have to go far to get to what they need, they can also easily have the home customized to accommodate mobility devices if needed.