Modern Wood Flooring Options That Are Durable And Trendy In Your New Home

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Modern Wood Flooring Options That Are Durable And Trendy In Your New Home

17 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

The hardwood floors you choose for your home can be durable and trendy with some of the options that are available. Today, not only do you have a choice of conventional wood products like white oak, but there are also alternatives with engineered wood products. Exotic woods, bamboo, and a variety of other trendy looks are available with engineered flooring. Here are some of the modern wood flooring choices for durable and trendy hardwood flooring for your new home:

1. A New Modern Look with Bamboo Flooring Options

If you want to have more modern floors in your new home, bamboo is an excellent choice of materials. These wood flooring materials are engineered wood products and are available in many different colors and textures that are made from different species of bamboo. If you have children and pets, a durable, dark bamboo floor won't show scratches and marks as much.

2. Affordable Tropical Hardwood Options with Engineered Flooring

Tropical hardwood flooring may be something you have dreamed of but thought was not affordable. Today, there are many engineered wood flooring products that are available in all types of tropical hardwood finishes. These flooring materials will give your floors the look of exotic wood without the cost that comes with it. Another benefit of these flooring materials is that they can easily be installed over carpet and other materials like tile. In addition, you can remove them without damaging the flooring beneath them.

3. The Best Choices of Natural Wood Products for Durable Flooring

For some people, natural wood materials are something that they are not willing to part with when they buy a new home. Materials like white oak stand the test of time and are durable so they can be finished in many ways and refinished when you are ready for a new look. Other materials that you may want to consider for natural hardwood flooring include:

  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Ash

There are also tropical hardwood flooring products that will be a little costlier if you plan on having them installed. The domestic hardwood products are more commonly used in listed homes and are just as attractive as any tropical lumber.

With all the choices of modern hardwood flooring available, it will be easy to give your home a trendy stylish new floor that can take abuse of the modern family. Contact a real estate agent and talk with them about some of these options for flooring in homes they have listed.