Want To Live In A Home With Character? Do It Yourself By Looking At Homes Without Certain Features

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Want To Live In A Home With Character? Do It Yourself By Looking At Homes Without Certain Features

19 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you are about to go looking at houses for sale, you may be going through the final list of necessities. You may have dreamed of living in a home with character for a long time, and now that you are about to buy a home, you can make it come true. But, while you will come across homes with character, you should be comfortable with passing it up because you can make it yourself by remodeling the home after moving in. So, you should be willing to look at homes without certain features that would normally add charm.

Crown Molding

A common feature found in charming homes is crown molding. It may be a necessity for you as a homeowner, but this does not mean that you must find it already in a home. So, you should look at homes without this feature and think about the potential that crown molding has for the property. It should not be too difficult to undertake a project involving the installation of crown molding around the home. Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself is up to you depending on if you want to save money, guarantee proper execution, or you just love to learn about projects while you take them on.


Another common detail found in homes with character is baseboards. The only difference with this is that they are at the bottom of each room next to the flooring. It can cost as little as $900 to add this to an entire home, so this is something that you can think about when analyzing your budget. It is easy to understand that you have a max budget, but since you are willing to take on a few projects in the home, you should not forget to calculate the potential remodeling costs that you may be undertaking.

Color Variety

It is visually appealing when a home has color variety. For instance, when the window frames are painted a certain color, it gives the exterior paint job a chance to shine and look great with the windows. It may be tough to look at a home and see so much potential not being tapped, but this is also a perfect opportunity to get incredible value on a home and then be able to work on various projects.

Going house shopping while knowing that you can create your own charm in a home should change how you go about looking around and help you end up with a property that works for your needs.