Ask Your Real Estate Agent To Provide Details On These Things In Your Online Listing

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Ask Your Real Estate Agent To Provide Details On These Things In Your Online Listing

18 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

An effective real estate listing does more than describe the house that is listed for sale — it also paints a picture of the neighborhood in which the house is situated. When you're listing your house for sale with a real estate agent, make sure that you ask your agent to provide details about the surrounding area. Any prospective buyers who are happy about the specifics of your home will be further enticed by the neighborhood-related features that are part of your listing. Here are some categories to include and some ideas of what each category should offer.


Recreation-based details are highly important for people who are considering buying your home, especially if they have children. Have your real estate agent compile a list of rec facilities and determine the distance of each one to your home. Then, he or she can include these details in a tidy list or paragraph. Parks are a key element of this category, as are community facilities such as soccer fields, ice rinks, and baseball diamonds. Hiking trails, cycling areas, skateboard parks, and other similar recreational areas are equally valuable to include in this part of your real estate listing.


Many different destinations are worthwhile to include in the community section of your listing. Schools are a big part of what makes up a community, so including a list of the schools and their distance from the home will be critical. Libraries are also important, as are community halls in which a wide range of community events take place throughout the year.


People looking to buy your home will want there to be several shopping options nearby. In a residential neighborhood, shopping locations might not be within walking distance, but including how many minutes' drive away is useful. People want to know how close the nearest supermarkets are, as well as the proximity to any big box stores and general merchandise chain stores. Additionally, brief details about the nearest mall and convenience stores will be valuable.


Your real estate listing should also have some information about local restaurants. The agent doesn't need to compile an extensive list, but some basic details should be highlighted. For example, the listing could suggest that there are 15 restaurants within walking distance or that a specific restaurant, which has frequently been named as one of the best in the city, is just five minutes away.