Choosing A Safe Neighborhood For The Long Haul

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Choosing A Safe Neighborhood For The Long Haul

10 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you are looking for your next home and you want to be able to live in it for many, many years, the last thing you want to do is to find that you end up feeling as if you have to put it on the market sooner than you normally would because crime has moved into the area. Here are some ways you can spot neighborhoods that will more than likely stay safe for years to come and those that may not:

A gated private community can be a safe bet

When you find a house for sale in a gated community that's already in a nice area the chances are good that it will stay safe for a long time to come. Since the neighborhood around it is good right now, that will buy you a lot of time knowing it will take some time for it to slowly deteriorate, if it even does. After that, you can count on the fact that you also live in a private community that is gated off from the rest of the area. This means that intruders won't be as likely to come into your direct area since they will be spotted easily as potential trouble. Plus, gated communities tend to have other security measures in place to protect their residents which will help fend off trouble in the future.

A rural community with good safety statistics

You can also choose a rural community with good crime statistics. Since the area is safe and there isn't much around it, the area will more than likely stay this way. In large cities, the crime can slowly spread from one block to another and so on. Rural areas don't have this in common with large cities.

Areas near troubled areas are at risk

If you find a home in a nice neighborhood that's next to a more troubled area, then you should be careful. The crime from the other neighborhood can easily drift over into your area. The criminals will want to go to where nice things are and not have to travel too far, which will put them in areas such as the one you are considering.

Areas near freeways are also at risk

A home that's very close to a freeway may not be the best choice. Freeways tend to bring other types of trouble with them such as panhandlers where some can be law-abiding, but others can be thieves. The freeway also means that a large number of people from all over are stopping in your area for food and drinks, as well as other things and this means you will be mixing with all types of elements when you are out and about.

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