Telltale Signs Of A Noisy Apartment

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Telltale Signs Of A Noisy Apartment

26 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Some people can sleep in the noisiest places while others can't even sleep with kids playing nearby. If you belong to the latter group, then you need to be careful when looking for an apartment so that land in a noisy one. Here are some of the telltale signs of a noisy apartment you need to be aware of:

It Is Near a Busy Road or Train Track

Train tracks and roads can be pretty noisy. Trains, in particular, can be very noisy even at a distance; apart from the noise of the engine, you may also have to contend with the noise of the wheels on the tracks. When it comes to road noise, you have to deal with the sound of tire on tarmac or gravel blaring hones, engine sounds, music from cars, and loud exhausts among others. Worse, these noises may be present at all times of the day.

Most of Your Neighbors Are Students

You should also prepare yourself for a noisy life if you live in the vicinity of a neighborhood and most of your neighbors are students. Students make noisy neighbors because they will be coming and going at odd hours and all hours of the day. They can also be noisy due to the endless (seemingly) parties they love to hold. Many students are also notorious for sleeping late, and they don't stay quiet while awake; they listen to music or hold loud arguments.

There Is a Swimming Pool Right outside the Window

A swimming pool isn't exactly a source of noise, but those who use swimming pools tend to be noisy. Diving into the pool, playing volleyball in the water or even swimming – these are all sources of noise in a typical swimming pool. It gets even worse when someone is hosting a party such as a birthday celebration, in the water. Therefore, if your house is by the swimming pool, especially in a big community, expect some noise in the course of your stay there.

There Is an Airport Nearby

You don't move into an airport neighborhood, especially into houses at the end of runways, if you detest noise. In fact, it's not just the planes that will be landing and taking off all the time; you also have to consider those who will be driving in and out of the airport at different times of the day.

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