Mouse In Your House? 3 Common Questions You May Have

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Mouse In Your House? 3 Common Questions You May Have

20 October 2017
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Having pests inside your home can be a huge hassle, especially when you don't know how they got in or how to get rid of them. Here are some common questions you may have about a mouse in your house.

How Do You Know for Sure There Is a Mouse in the House?

Haven't seen the mouse yourself, but have suspicions? If so, there are some signs of things to look for. Look for mice droppings in places where you think the mouse may be. They are typically shaped like a rod that is only a couple millimeters long. You'll also see tiny footprints on surfaces that they have traveled, which can be identified by their front and back feet that have four and five toes respectively.

How Did a Mouse Get into the Home?

Mice can get into your home through surprisingly small places. In fact, the hole that they get in through can be as small as the circumference of a pencil. This makes it hard to identify the holes so that you can seal them up.

There could be a point of entry along your roof, with the mouse climbing up the gutters to get to it. Cracks in your foundation can also be a point of entry. Existing holes where utility lines enter your home can also allow a mouse to get inside.

Any hole you can identify should be filled with caulk to prevent more mice from getting in.

What Should You Do If a Mouse Dies Somewhere in Your House?

It is possible for the mouse to get trapped somewhere in your home and die. Unfortunately, you may smell it before you see it. Since a mouse can get through small holes, they may end up dying somewhere within your walls or attic. The body will then begin to smell as it starts to decompose.

While the smell of a dead mouse within your walls may be bad, it may be better to do nothing at all. The body of a mouse is small, so it will decompose fairly quickly. If you can put up with the smell, it will save you the hassle of opening up your walls to find and remove the carcass.

Consider calling a mouse control professional when you suspect there is a mouse in your house. They can help kill or trap the mouse so it won't die somewhere that you can't get to it, and also assist with sealing up holes so that it cannot get inside your home.