Ready To Purchase A Home? 4 Tips For Finding The Right One For You

If you are ready to begin a new home search, you need to determine what your budget is. Learn how to begin searching for your dream home. Click here.

Ready To Purchase A Home? 4 Tips For Finding The Right One For You

9 September 2019
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Once you have squared away the pre-approval process, it is time for the fun part of purchasing a home to beginning. Finding your dream home is the best part of the home-buying process. Knowing how to approach the process of finding your dream home can help you find the home you really want quickly. 

Start With Your Wish List

First, you need to start with a wish list. Sit down and create a list of everything you really want in your home. This is your wish list, so write down everything you want from a home, from little details to big-picture items. If you really want to have deep drawers in the bathroom, write it down. If you really want a home on a big lot, write it down. Don't hold back with this list; put down everything you want from a home. 

Separate Wants & Needs

After you create your wish list, you are going to want to take your wish list and break it down into things that you need from a home, and things that you want from a home. For example, maybe having a deep drawers in your bathroom is something you want, but not something you need. Maybe having a big lot is something you need, based on how you want to use the space. 

Your want list can be long and detailed. Your need list should be much shorter. Share both of these lists with your real estate agent. Knowing both your needs and wants will help the real estate agent find the best possible homes for you. 

Define Your Search Area

Next, you need to define your search area. Where you want to live is just as important as the features of your home, and can really impact your home search. Having a list of neighborhoods where you would like to live, and even a list of neighborhoods that you wouldn't consider, can really help your real estate agent find the right home for you.  

When determining where you want to live, think about how your home location works with your job, schools, and the stores and places where you like to go. If you have lots of friends or family members you like to hang out with, make sure your new location is conducive for that.  

Start the Search

Once you have broken your wish list down into your needs and wants, and you have defined your search area, it is time to actual start the search. As you start the search, don't put a limit on how many homes you will need to view to find your gem of a home. You may get lucky and only need to look at a couple homes, or you end up looking at a hundred homes before you find the one you want. Don't limit the number of homes you look at; the more homes you look at, the better chance you have of finding the home that you want.  

Before you start your home search, really figure out what you want in a home. As you search for homes for sale, don't limit yourself and look at as many homes as possible. Keep track of the properties you like, and visit the ones you love again. When you find "the home" for you, move quickly!