4 Reasons You May Decide To Sell Your Timeshares

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4 Reasons You May Decide To Sell Your Timeshares

28 October 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Buying timeshares gives you points every year that can be used to pay for your preferred getaway at one of the locations owned by the timeshare. As great as timeshares are, there can be times when it is logical to sell them. Here is a look at a few situations when timeshare resale is a good solution. 

Your health is ailing and you can no longer travel. 

Traveling is a lot of fun for sure, but if something about your health changes to a degree that you have to stick close to home, it can be a good idea to sell your timeshare. For example, maybe you have been diagnosed with kidney disease and you have to have renal dialysis four days a week, so traveling for long periods becomes impossible. It would not be logical for you to continue to pay fees and dues to keep your timeshare in this kind of situation. 

You have more than one timeshare and don't need the extra one. 

Perhaps you initially purchased more than one timeshare because you had intentions to travel a few times every year, but you rarely use both timeshares. You could always combine timeshares to take one long vacation, but if this doesn't work for you either, it can be a better idea to sell the extra timeshares you have and use only what you need. 

Your financial situation has changed and you need the money. 

When it comes down to it, one of the most common reasons people want to sell their timeshare is that they need the money. If something has changed about your personal finances since you bought the timeshare and you need the money or if you simply do not have the extra funds to travel with, it is a good idea to liquidate the timeshares you have and get the funding you need. Some of these timeshares can sell for thousands of dollars, which can really help you out if you are in a financial bind. 

You want to buy a different timeshare. 

Perhaps you are not completely satisfied with the vacation options that your timeshare offers you. For example, maybe there is a specific destination you want to go to every year, but this resort chain is not available in that area. If this is the case, it can be more feasible to sell your timeshare and invest in timeshares through a different company. 

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