Moving To A Private Community? 3 Things To Do Right Away

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Moving To A Private Community? 3 Things To Do Right Away

21 August 2020
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Living in a private community has a long list of powerful perks, including increased safety, high home values, and lower traffic levels. However, living in a gated community can take a little getting used to, especially if you are moving from a traditional neighborhood. Here are three simple things you should do after moving to a private community such as homes for sale in Governor's Club and other locations.

1. Add Your People to the Gate List

One of the perks of a gated community is the fact that workers who are paid by your HOA will sit at the entrance gates to monitor who comes and goes. While this perk is powerful in the fight against crime, it can be a hassle when it comes to accepting visitors. 

Whether you have a large extended family who likes to come visit or you are continually hosting work meetings from home, you may need to add people to your gate list so they don't have any problem driving to your home. Talk with the professionals at the front gate and explain where you have recently moved in. While you are there, add people who tend to visit you frequently to your personal database, so they know who to let in without paging or calling your home. 

2. Join the Local Country Club

If you want to network with other people in your area while getting involved with your community, join your local country club. Being a valued member of a country club has a long list of benefits, ranging from access to chef-prepared meals to amenities like gorgeous swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and information about upcoming community events and fundraisers. 

Joining the country club can also be a powerful status symbol, which can be helpful if you plan to build a business in an area. When people know that you care about getting to know others and being involved, great things happen. 

3. Hire Home Maintenance Professionals

When you live in a private, gated community, you have to focus on maintaining your property carefully. In addition to working with landscapers, you should also hire professionals to help with the house, pool, and even with the daily cleaning. The right home maintenance team can help you to keep your property pristine. 

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