Moving Into Your First Apartment? 4 Tips For Reliable Savings

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Moving Into Your First Apartment? 4 Tips For Reliable Savings

31 March 2021
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While living with your parents, sharing an apartment with roommates, or staying in a dorm, you may get financially comfortable enough to rent an apartment on your own. Along with feeling excited about moving into a new place, you may want to maximize your potential savings.

By keeping your expenses reasonable, you will feel more comfortable in your living situation. This makes it worth looking at certain apartment qualities that can help you enjoy savings.

Older Building

When you begin your apartment search, you may want to prioritize older buildings because you will likely find that they are more affordable compared to newer buildings. Newer apartments might come with a gated community and key card access for getting into the community. An older building might not look as impressive as a newer one on the inside and outside, but you can look forward to the appearance contributing to a lower rental rate.


Another thing that can determine how much you pay for rent is the amenities. For instance, finding a place with a pool, hot tub, gym, rooftop deck, and pet area will often come with higher rent than an apartment building that only provides parking and shared laundry appliances.

While luxury apartments can provide a luxurious experience through their amenities, you can still have an incredible time living in a place with fewer amenities. This is especially true as you will feel more comfortable with your finances due to paying rent that you know you can afford.


Whether you are set on a certain location or are open to various neighborhoods, you will find it beneficial to look for areas that are not in extremely high demand. High-demand areas will come with fewer vacancies and higher rent due to the units filling up quickly. A great idea is to look further away from the city center as this will often lead to more affordable rent prices.

This usually happens when the downtown neighborhood has a lot of office jobs, which means that rentals nearby come with a premium price tag for the reduced commute.

Square Footage

When moving into your first apartment, you may not have a lot of furniture and belongings to bring along. This gives you a great chance to pick an apartment with minimal square footage. By prioritizing small units, you will find lower rental rates and have an easier time with furnishing.

Using these tips when renting an apartment will help you enjoy reliable savings.