Benefits Of Having Professional Photos Taken For Your New House Listing

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Benefits Of Having Professional Photos Taken For Your New House Listing

22 March 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Have you decided to list your house on the real estate market? It's an exciting time to sell, and most properties are selling like hotcakes! One of the first steps is to hire a qualified realtor that can list your property and market it well. One of the best marketing tools is photography. Not just any type of photography, but photography that captures shots taken from every angle with a drone. 

Here is how using drone real estate photography can help you sell your home fast.  

A Clear Perspective

When using a drone, it can take photographs from a 360-degree angle. This allows the drone photographer to give you a multitude of shots from a variety of viewpoints. From the air, the photos can hone in on the roof, side area and give buyers a perspective they can't reach when they are actually at the property. 

Getting these precise shots benefits the listing because it holds nothing back. It takes the guesswork out of the listing and can help prospective buyers decide if they want to come and tour the property. 

Gets Buyers Motivated Fast 

When a house initially goes on the market, it often creates a buyer frenzy. They may call their realtor or the listing agent to inquire about property traits and features. Time is of the essence, especially for buyers. When a listing has drone photos, buyers can see every angle virtually, from the comfort of their own home. 

This can trigger a bidding war! The end goal? To boost the chances your home will sell at or above the listing price. 

More Than Just a Photo

Drone real estate photos are more than just snapping a pic on a high-end cell phone or camera. These photos are high-resolution, detailed prints that leave nothing to the imagination. They are clear, precise, and focus on the beauty in the photograph. 

In addition, you can get panoramic photos and video shots that highlight the home and property in motion. It's a great way to virtually show a house, even if a potential buyer or interested party can't physically be there. 

A Solid Investment

If you're seeking a realtor, ask about drone photography to see if it's included in their selling contract. If not, shop around for a qualified real estate drone photographer. They will take it a step above a regular photography package, and showcase gorgeous photos that will make your home stand out. 

It's worth the investment if you want your home to sell fast and rise above the competition in the real estate market. 

Listing your home for sale on the real estate market is a fine art. How the listing is worded is vital, but how it stands out among others in the area that are competitively priced is essential to getting it sold quickly and at or above appraised price. Get the ball rolling today. Make your home listing shine with professional drone real estate photography shoots.