3 Things That Can Make Renovating a Condo Difficult

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3 Things That Can Make Renovating a Condo Difficult

7 July 2016
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Doing renovations on a condo is something that many condo owners find themselves considering at one point or another. Renovations can make the space better suited to the owner's needs or make it more comfortable for a growing family. Renovations are also something that many consider before selling or renting out their property. What many condo owners do not know is that there are a few things that can make renovations a little more difficult than expected. Here are three potential challenges to any renovation project.

Condo Associations

The first step that the owner should do before starting their renovation project is to inform the condo association management of their renovation plans. Condominium associations are a type of homeowner's association that regulates things like resident behavior, specifies which types of architecture are appropriate, and helps regulate community amenities. These associations are incredibly popular, with around 63 million Americans counting themselves as members of one of these community associations. It is very important to check with the association before beginning renovations. Failure to do so can lead to fines or even legal action if the changes are not approved by the condo association management. For more information about condo association management, contact a company such as MacPherson's  Property Management.


Another thing that can cause some difficulty when doing renovations on a home is getting permits. Homeowners must check with municipal governments in order to determine what permits are needed for the renovations. Often the permits needed for work on a condo are different for the ones needed for work done on a standalone home. Another big issue with renovating a condo is the close proximity to neighbors. Since walls are shared, it's likely that the work needs to be done during certain times of the day in order to cause the least amount of trouble for neighbors. 

Shared Systems

Another problem with condo renovations is that oftentimes units share certain systems. Certain parts of the plumbing and electrical systems can be connected between each unit. Often the unit owner is responsible for work within the unit. However, if there are certain wider-scale improvements that are needed, it may be time for the owner and the neighbors to bring up community-wide improvements at the next condo-association meeting. Homeowners also have to check to make sure that the changes they make will not affect any of their neighbors.

Renovating a condo can be a little trickier than renovating a house. Owners have to deal with getting approval from their condo associations, make sure they have the right permits, and deal with the fact that certain systems may be shared between the units.