Why Making A Fresh Start Is Good For You

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Why Making A Fresh Start Is Good For You

5 August 2016
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Sometimes people stay put simply because they can't stand the trouble of moving. Selling a house and packing up your possessions may sound like too much work. However, moving someplace new can be good for your soul and your mind. Before you reject a chance to change locales, consider the positive things moving can do for you.


Moving someplace new can expose you to an entirely different culture. If you have always lived in the Midwest, moving to New Orleans will rock your world. Simply learning to appreciate a different type of cuisine can enrich your existence and your palette. You will have new scenery, history, and people to experience. Sure, you will be out of your comfort zone at first, but you will learn much, make new friends, and gather new experiences. These are the things that make life worth living. 


Moving somewhere new gives you the chance to get rid of tons of stuff you no longer need or want. If you move several times a decade, you will be surprised at how few items you really need to be comfortable. Extra furniture, clothes, knick-knacks, and other things just don't seem worth taking along for the ride. Also, once you get used to having fewer things, you will enjoy the freedom streamlining brings. Chances are you will feel lighter and less encumbered. When you never move, it's easier just to stuff things in the basement and in the closets. 

New Neighbors

Sometimes the most liberating thing you can do is to leave your past behind you. When you move to a new house, you also get a whole new neighborhood filled with new people you haven't offended yet. You have a chance to do better. If you were the person who borrowed tools and forgot to return them, you can shake off that bad neighbor habit. If you had been warring with the person living next to you for the last decade, you can cultivate a healthier relationship with your new neighbors. 

Selling your house and buying a new one can be a stressful process, but you need to consider all the ways moving someplace new can enrich your life. Different people and new experiences can inject excitement into your existence, giving you a renewed excitement about the future. You have the proverbial fresh slate to fill however you want. The leaving might be painful, but the living may get better.

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