3 Primary Advantages Of Buying A Home That Is A Part Of A Home Owner's Association

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3 Primary Advantages Of Buying A Home That Is A Part Of A Home Owner's Association

17 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Homes in gated or close-knit communities are always attractive for buyers looking for an ideal place for their family to land, but often times if a residential property is listed as being a part of a home owner's association (HOA), a buyer will go the other direction. Even though buying a home that is part of an HOA offers a wealth of advantages, many buyers only see the yearly HOA fees and are immediately turned off. The fact is, these small fees are merely a small price to pay for a full list of major advantages. Check out these benefits you get when you buy a home part of a neighborhood overseen by an HOA. 

Forget concerns of obnoxious neighbors. 

Just about every individual has lived in a neighborhood at some point where there was a not-so-great neighbor causing problems for the rest of the well-behaved residents. These situations can be tough because without an HOA to help, you will be left calling local authorities or even taking up your concerns with the local government. As a member of an HOA, obnoxious neighbors are handled by the HOA, which means you don't have to initiate a confrontation and cause friction with the people around you. 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with neighborhood watch programs. 

HOAs commonly have neighborhood watch programs set in place for the residents in their communities. These programs involve all residents in watching out for the people surrounding them and their homes just like they would watch out for their own. Additionally, many HOAs install community surveillance cameras and security features, like perimeter fencing and access gates in some of the more upscale locations. 

Take part in community events that encourage a tight-knit living experience. 

Some of the best HOAs constantly organize community events. These vents make it easy to get familiar with your neighbors and maintain a sense of community. Some examples of community events include:

  • neighborhood block parties
  • cocktail parties
  • barbecues and cookouts through the summer
  • community yard sales
  • community-wide egg hunts, trick-or-treating, or other holiday parties

In addition to community events, some places even have an HOA building that the community shares that is used for indoor events and activities. These HOA community building often have things like a game room, indoor pool, fitness center, and other amenities that every resident gets to enjoy just because they are a member of teh community. For more information, contact companies like J & N Realty, Inc.