Four Ways To Better Soundproof Your Townhome

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Four Ways To Better Soundproof Your Townhome

4 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

In many communities, townhomes can be made just as luxurious as a single family home. Often, townhomes can be found in the center of cities, where it may be difficult to find a single family house that is in your budget. If you are interested in getting a luxury townhome in the city, one of the problems that you will have to contend with is having neighbors. If you can get an end unit townhome, you will only have one neighbor to worry about. Here are four ways to better soundproof your townhome so that you can have complete privacy. 

Apply sound barrier sheets

Before you officially move into the home, you should add vinyl sound barrier sealing. This should be added inside of the drywall on the shared walls. This will make it so that sound has a barrier before it gets into your neighbor's wall. It will also make you and your neighbors units more attractive if either of them is for sale in the future. 

Add your furniture to the shared wall

When a home is empty, it is easy for sounds to bounce off the walls. One of the ways to buffer noise inside or outside of your unit is to add furniture. Place your furniture, such as sofas, tables, televisions, and other large items against the shared wall of your condo. With heavy items next to the shared wall, you will be able to buffer the sound from you to your neighbor and from your neighbor to you. 

Install surround sound

The room that will tend to get most of the noise is the living areas. If you and your neighbor have the same floor plan and your living rooms share a wall, structure a surround sound on this wall. A surround sound unit, with a speaker system, sound bar, and more will make your living room a little quieter. Be sure that you select a system that has low vibration so that the walls do not begin to move if you do choose to play your surround system. 

Increase the side of your fence

A privacy fence does not just have to be about visual privacy. You can also put up a large privacy fence so that you can decrease the noise volume when you are enjoying your deck and backyard. A high fence with several inch wood will be able to help keep the noise out. Hire a contractor to put up a fence and make sure that the fence boards are close together. This will decrease possible methods of noise getting through to your yard.