Where To Look For Your New House if You Work In NYC And Want To Golf Every Weekend

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Where To Look For Your New House if You Work In NYC And Want To Golf Every Weekend

13 May 2017
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If you're looking to buy a house in New York City and you also want to have easy access to golfing every weekend, then you are in luck. While New York City is a a big metropolis, there are also plenty of nice green spaces where you can go golfing. One of the nice things about the different areas where there are golf courses is that there are also nice neighborhoods with nice, single-family homes. So, you don't have to stick to buying an co-op; you can actually find a house with a big backyard.

Kingsbridge, The Bronx

Kingsbridge is located in the northwestern section of The Bronx. There are lots of single family homes for sale in the area west of Broadway. The area is also right near the elevated subway (the #1 line) that heads right down into Manhattan, so it's perfect for commuters. And for golfers, it's the area's proximity to Van Cortland Park that makes it so great for golfers. Van Cortland is home to one of the cites nicest golf courses, and best of all, it's a public course. You don't have to join a country club to be able to book a tee time. The course is so popular that people come from all over the city to play. There are great greens with spectacular views of the park and the cities.

Todt Hill, Staten Island

While Van Cortland is probably most famous public golf course in the city, Staten Island has some really great courses as well. The thing that makes Staten Island attractive to many people is that you get much more land when you buy a home. Staten Island is the least populated of the city's boroughs, so there is plenty of space for large homes and large yards. While there are many nice spots on Staten Island, you might really like to look at Todt Hill. It's close to Silver Lakes, which is a really well maintained public golf course. The one drawback to buying a home on Staten Island is that the daily commute into Manhattan can be quite strenuous. You either have to take a train and then the Ferry, or else drive over a bridge into Brooklyn and then head into Manhattan. There is no direct road or bridge from Staten Island into Manhattan.

Pelham Bay, The Bronx

The Bronx has a second place to look at. Besides Kingsbridge, you should look at the eastern section of The Bronx, particularly Pelham Bay. This area is also filled with lots of single family homes, so you can find a nice house with a backyard. It's also right next to Pelham Bay Park, which is the biggest park in the city. There is also a super cool public golf course in the park, which you can head to every weekend.

Pelham doesn't have a bad commute into Manhattan, it's on par with Kingsbridge, and much better than Staten Island. You can take the Metro North, the Subway, or drive in.