Very Simple Tips For Helping To Create A More Inviting Home When Showing It

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Very Simple Tips For Helping To Create A More Inviting Home When Showing It

26 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you will be showing your home while you are still living there, then you want to make the place inviting for all that come to see it. Here are some simple ideas for helping to create a homey environment:

Plant or hang some cheerful flowers by the porch

Planting or even hanging some cheerful flowers in full bloom near the porch can make people feel welcome before they even make their way through the door. You do want to make sure the flowers either have a pleasant scent to them, or hardly any scent at all. Some flowers look great, but they can stink and this can bother some people with sensitive noses or allergies.

Pull back those shades and maybe open the windows

When you pull back the shades you let natural lighting into the house that can give it a more cheerful vibe. If it's a real nice day outside with a breeze blowing, then you may even want to open some of the windows to get a nice cross breeze coming through that will freshen up the feel of the house so it doesn't appear stuffy. Plus, when you are packing and getting ready to move, a lot of dust can get stirred up. Open windows can let more fresh air in so you can avoid that dusty smell.

Put up some nice sounding windchimes

Some windchimes have loud and clanking sounds to them. You don't want to go with these types. However, hanging up windchimes outside that have a nice and soft sound can help you to create a bit of a happier feel when the breeze blows, even a little bit.

Have some fresh flowers or plants in the living and dining rooms

Also, putting fresh flowers or plants on display in certain rooms of the house, such as the living room and dining room can also help give it an extra-homey feel. Remember, try to choose flowers that offer a decreased chance of bothering those with allergies. Some good flowers to go with that tend to be more allergy friendly include cactus, begonia, crocus, columbine, daffodil and geranium plants and flowers.  

Remove protective plastic from furniture and walkways

You may have protective plastic that you like to keep on your furniture or in walkways to help keep them in better condition longer. However, this can make some people feel as if they are in a place where they aren't welcome due to the sterile vibe it can give off. Remove those protective coverings for the showing, then you can put them back in place.

Talk to a real estate professional for more ideas.