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What To Look For In A Home Security Service

30 October 2017
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What to Look for in a Home Security Service When looking to purchase a home security service, the choices can be overwhelming. From small window alarms for your bedroom to a live, twenty-four hour answering service, the choices can feel endless. Be discerning to make sure you get exactly what you want. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a home security service. Technical Hardware for Home Security Read More …

Mouse In Your House? 3 Common Questions You May Have

20 October 2017
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Having pests inside your home can be a huge hassle, especially when you don't know how they got in or how to get rid of them. Here are some common questions you may have about a mouse in your house. How Do You Know for Sure There Is a Mouse in the House? Haven't seen the mouse yourself, but have suspicions? If so, there are some signs of things to look for. Read More …

Two Ways To Help The Commercial Appraiser Help You

13 September 2017
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The appraisal on a piece of commercial real estate can mean the difference between getting a good deal on the property and losing money. Therefore, it's just good business to do everything you can to help the appraiser accurately calculate what the property is really worth. Here are two things you can do to aid in the process. Choose the Right Date of Valuation Many people assume appraisers only determine the property's current value. Read More …

Six Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

9 December 2016
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You wouldn't dream of leaving the doors to your home or business unlocked so that unauthorized "guests" can enter at will. But keys have a mysterious way of disappearing or ending up in the wrong hands. When this happens, you may be at risk of others entering your property without your knowledge. Be alert to times when you are most at risk and have your locks rekeyed to solve the problem. Read More …

Asthma In Your Home: Two Causes And How To Fix Them

5 January 2016
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Asthma affects 26 million Americansand is increasing each year, resulting in 4,000 deaths with 2.1 emergency room visits annually. Asthma can be caused by many different environmental factors. But, when you recognize asthma is caused by something in your home, you should remove the cause and help resolve asthma problems within your family. Here are two common causes of asthma in your home and tips to help eliminate the problems. Rodents Besides bringing diseases into your home, mice and other rodents living in your home can give you or your family members asthma allergies. Read More …