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Looking At New And Used Homes? Take These Factors Into Consdieration First

18 September 2017
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If you have been looking at brand new homes for sale but you aren't sure if you want to pay the extra money to get a house that is a new construction, there are some things that you should think about before settling for an older home that you don't love. Purchasing a new home may be the easier way to go, if you want something that is move in ready, and it may be the most cost-efficient in the first years while you are living in the property. Read More …

Things To Consider When Looking Into Multigenerational Homes

14 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Looking for the perfect home can be a lot more challenging if you are planning for multigenerational living. You need to make sure the home meets the needs of your children, yourselves, and your parent(s). Fortunately, you can help narrow down your search by keeping a few key things in mind. Layout options When it comes to a multigenerational home layout, there are three main choices: A separate " Read More …

Two Ways To Help The Commercial Appraiser Help You

13 September 2017
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The appraisal on a piece of commercial real estate can mean the difference between getting a good deal on the property and losing money. Therefore, it's just good business to do everything you can to help the appraiser accurately calculate what the property is really worth. Here are two things you can do to aid in the process. Choose the Right Date of Valuation Many people assume appraisers only determine the property's current value. Read More …

Choosing A Safe Neighborhood For The Long Haul

10 September 2017
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When you are looking for your next home and you want to be able to live in it for many, many years, the last thing you want to do is to find that you end up feeling as if you have to put it on the market sooner than you normally would because crime has moved into the area. Here are some ways you can spot neighborhoods that will more than likely stay safe for years to come and those that may not: Read More …

Four Lesser-Known Reasons Buying A Brand New House Is Worth It

7 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you're beginning to look at houses for sale, you might be torn between buying new and buying a home that has already been lived-in. New construction generally costs more, which turns off some buyers. However, new homes are almost always worth that extra few thousand dollars you pay. Here are four reasons why. The building is probably more energy efficient. With each passing year, builders are paying more and more attention to the energy efficiency of their buildings. Read More …